El Hamam

Take a look into another world and let yourself be seduced: Recharge your wellbeing and cure your natural beauty! Welcome to our wellness oasis, which is reserved exclusively for you.

Here you find an overview of our wellness programs

RASUL - a small paradise on earth

The heart of our EL hamam is the Rasul. Rasul - also: the cleaning – owns a millennia-old knowledge of the Orient about health, skin care and beauty effect. Under a sky full of stars, you can enjoy in subdued light on preheated sitting soft music and pleasant warm steam. BY treatment with special caring mud the skin is detoxified, gently peeled and thereby velvety soft. After about half an hour the room lightens up gradually and a gentle rain from the dome of the room flushes off your body. An incomparable experience where the senses breathe.

WARM NAVEL STONE - The gentle way to purify

Relax on the pleasant warm navel stone. At about 40 - 50 degrees Celsius and 65 percent humidity, the pores open and the body gets rid of in this way gently from waste products and toxins. You will be pampered with water showers and warm steam accompanied by soft lighting and exotic scents.


On our wonderful relaxation lounger, a sort of "water bed", you will take an almost free-floating position, whereby muscles and spine relax completely: After creams will be applied to the skin - such as the goat buttermilk with natural bee honey used for full body wrap of  the Cleopatrabath - the body is wrapped in a thin film and is immersed in the water bath. Without direct contact with water, it comes up a feeling of floating and the body absorbs the pure active ingredients up to ten times better. With subdued lighting and soft music you can completely switch off.

Massages - The Coronation of the HAMAM RITUALS

What would be a Hamam visit without the traditional massage? It crownes your HAMAM visit according to your wishes, with rose oil or almond oil, relaxing or stimulating, as a full body oil massage or specific face, head, hand or foot massage, oriental soap massage or scrub: The gentle action of pressure in conjunction with heat, flavors and accompanied by moody lighting will make your stress level drop noticeably.